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On this page you will find an overview of several Fanatec hardware.
You cannot buy from us directly, but if you click on the links on this page, you will be directed to the Fanatec site. There you can buy whatever you want, and we will receive a small fee from them. So you’re helping us swell and we appreciate that!

Where to begin ?
You want to dress up your racing rig with a wheel and pedals. Is that all you need? ehh..not really, you’re missing the biggest part; the wheelbase. Fanatec has several bases to choose from:

FANATEC Wheelbase DD1 & DD2.
These Direct Drive versions are the newest members of the Fanatec family. De strenght  and speed are a lot higher than the belt driven versions.
The price for the DD1 is €1199,- and the DD2 will cost you €1499,-

CSW Wheelbase V2.5
The csw wheelbase uses a belt driven technique and is the heart of your setup. This unit creates the force feedback and the steering wheel vibrations.
The CSW V2,5 costs €549,95

CSL Wheelbase Lite for Xbox/PC and Playstation 4
There are 2 versions of these lighter csw types. 1 for xbox/PC and 1 for PS4/PC
The xbox/pc version costs €319,95 and the PS4/PC version costs €399,95

CSL Elite pedals and loadcell kit
CSL Elite Pedals:
There are 2 variations available:CSL Elite and CSL Elite LC
The Elite costs €89,95 and the LC version costs €219,90

CSL Elite pedals
CSL Elite Pedals with Loadcell

The biggest difference between those two is the extra loadcell brake pedal. This can simulate a brake force of 90 KG!

CSW V3 pedals:
These pedals come in 2 variations; the “normal” v3 version and the v3i version or “inverted”
The v3 pedals cost €359,95 and the v3i €599,95

Steering wheel:
Fanatec has a vast amount of steering wheels on offer. They have official Porsche GT3 replicas or BMW GT replicas. The also have a huge collection formula or drift steering wheels.
All Wheels fit on all the wheelbases so if you upgrade your wheelbase you can still use your steering wheel.

Prices vary from €199 up to €650. Click on the banners below to take a look on the Fanatec website and go on a shopping spree!


Porsche 911 GT3 Replica

Fanatec also has a sturdy shifter, where you can choose to use it as a sequential shifter or use the “H” Pattern.
The shifter unit costs €259,95

Fanatec also has a handbrake in their line-up for all rally fans.
The handbrake costs €129,95

You’re free to let us know if you bought something, we will assist you in your setup if you wish.