Dirt 5 Stampede Gameplay

Codemasters released a gameplay video of their newest dirt title which will be released in October 2020.

Featured in the YouTube video is the Stampede time trial.

The Dirt 5 PC version is available for pre-sale via Steam for €54,99. The DIRT 5 Amplified Edition is also available for pre-order for €74,99. DIRT 5 will be released on October 9 for PC and the current generation consoles. No release date is known for the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5

Free upgrade voor next -gen

DIRT 5 supports the Free of charge upgrade for next-gen consoles. This means if you buy the game for an Xbox One or PlayStation 4, You will be able to upgrade to the next-gen console versions like, Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 for free.

Dirt 5 Announced

Dirt 5 announced During the Xbox reveal last week, codemasters showed the first images of their new dirt title; Dirt 5! in […]

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