Changing compatibility mode on Fanatec wheels

Changing compatibility

A Fanatec wheel can function on several systems, and in different modes. In order to function on those systems you need to press a specific button combination that can alter the “mode” of the wheel. On the Direct drive systems, for instance, you have the “CSW compatible” mode. With other wheels there is a specific “Playstation (PS) Mode and Xbox mode.


We thought it was time to gather all the different wheels and see what combination you need for each different wheel to get to the Xbox, CSW and Playstation mode.
To get into the different modes you always need to press a combination of 2 buttons for a period of 1 second. With some wheels it is only 1 button combo, where as with other wheels it could be 2 different combos.( we wrote it in the picture if that was needed).


To make it even easier for you, we also linked the pictures directly to the Fanatec website if you see a wheel you like and want in your collection.( Except for the McLaren Wheel because that wheel is not available anymore).

Podium Button Module Endurance
The button combination is valid for all variations of the F1 Fanatec wheels
WRC wheel
CSW module, different button combo for different modes
Porsche 918 wheel
BMW GT2 wheel
Mclaren GT3 wheel

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