Fanalab v 1.54.2 released

New Feature: Rev LEDs adjustable with raw RPM Values & adjustable RPM Flash

Additionally to adjusting the rev LED thresholds in percent, you can now use raw RPM values as well. This should make it easier and quicker to find the correct thresholds for each car. We’ve also introduced an Interval slider which controls the flashing speed of the RPM LEDs when the Flash threshold is reached which also makes it possible to have the flash pattern light up constantly. In the download you will find the “RPM Values + Adjustable RPM Flash.pdf” which describes the new feature and it’s functions in detail. Please read this carefully.


Your profiles will be automatically converted to support the new RPM feature! Please make a backup before starting V1.54.2 for the first time, just in case. FanaLab may take a while to start, as the profiles will get converted right away (I already told you to make a backup, haven’t I)

This will be the case as well when you switch the game in the Game Profile Tab for the first time.

Improvements and fixes

  • Fixed: Changing between mph and kph doesn’t show instantly on UI.
  • Fixed: Pedal vibration not saved to profile
  • Improved: Renamed “Dampening” to “Damping”


Click here to go to the Fanatec page to download the new Fanalab version.

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